Show Pigs

Champions year after year. Need we say more?

Yorks, Hamps, Durocs, Spots, Berks, Chesters & Crossbreds.

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Feeder Pigs

For those do it your selfers that like to raise their own meat and eat what they know of how it’s been raised. Contact us we sell 1 to large orders 100+

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Roaster / Freezer Pigs

Looking to have a party? Why pay someone else to cook. Roast your own pig. Just tell us the size and well deliver it to a local processing plant. You pick it up and away you go. Want meat for your freezer, we finish them out as well. Buy whole or half.

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With all the media attention out there about farms and cruelty. It’s not true at J&M Genetics. The pigs are raised with pride and you will be proud of what you get.

Champ Spot Racine 2016

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Any questions contact Mark 262-206-4908

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